Being a Boy

BEING A BOY   by James Dawson

Everything you wanted to know about puberty, but were too afraid to Google.

Queen of Teen nominee, acclaimed YA author and former PSHCE teacher James Dawson expertly guides boys through puberty – from surviving the social scene to learning about sex, how to pull, dealing with spotty faces and everything in between. Witty text paired with over 50 hilarious black-and-white illustrations by Spike Gerrell makes this the essential guide to growing up – brutal honesty included.

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James Dawson, Author


For eight years, James Dawson was a teacher specialising in Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.

His main remit was ensuring that these subjects were taught to a high standard across several schools. He collaborated on projects involving bullying, sex education, drugs, alcohol and family diversity, and he now writes full-time and lives in London. His debut, best-selling YA novel HOLLOW PIKE was nominated for the prestigious Queen of Teen prize and was followed by publication of the YA thriller CRUEL SUMMER. James’s first non-fiction title BEING A BOY, about, well, being a boy, will be out with Red Lemon Press in Autumn 2013. When he’s not writing books to scare teenagers in a variety of ways, James is busy listening to pop music and watching DOCTOR WHO and horror movies.

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